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Tesla Two Sub Mod
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The Tesla Two Sub Mod is a simple, compact, functional and powerful device containing two internal Li-Po batteries with a total capacity of 4000mAh. There are no adjustments to be made with this mod, which creates a hassle-free vaping experience. Almost any tank is compatible with the Tesla Two Sub Mod. Hold the fire button with an atomizer attached to fire the device and vape away! Press the fire button 5 times to turn the device on or off. This unregulated box mod is a durable and unique mod. Vapers should be sure to give this one a try!


The Tesla Two Sub Mod has a max output power of 100W, with an acceptable resistance range from .1 to 3.5 ohms. A very inexpensive solution for anyone trying to vape at high wattages without troublesome adjustments. Because it is constructed out of high grade aluminum, it is much lighter than many devices on the market today. Ideal for both RBAs and sub tanks!


The Tesla Two Sub Mod is powered by a 2 cell Li-Po battery rated at 4000mAh. The chipset has built-in protection features to keep you and your mod safe. The amp limit on this mod comes in at 40A, ensuring a safe vaping experience.


The Tesla Two Sub Mod has a simple battery indicator system to tell you when the battery is dead. When the voltage is between 3.2-3.7V, the LED light around the button will flash red. When the voltage is between 3.7-4.2V, the LED light will flash blue. If a single hit exceeds 10 seconds in length, the LED light will flash 8 times. If the battery voltage is below 3.2V, the LED light will flash 15 times in red and power down.


Charging the device can be performed with any standard micro-USB cable. Voltage output is fixed, with a maximum output of 4.2V with a fully-charged battery.  Charger connecting indication:when the charger connected to the battery,LED red light and blue light will flash 3 times at the same time.  Charging indication: the battery can be charged during power on or power off, the LED will flash in corresponding color to the voltage of the battery when charging.  Charging disconnecting indication: when the charger disconnected to the battery,LED red light and blue light will flash 6 times at the same time.  Full charging indication: LED light will flash 20 times in blue and extinguish when the battery is fully charged.

  • Tesla Two Sub Mod use USB charger to charger it . USB:5V/1000MA. When short circuit, overcurrent or over voltage happened, the LED light will flash 6 times without pulling out the USB charger and disconnect charging automatically.

The Tesla Two Sub Mod has multiple protections built into the chipset such as overvoltage protection, atomizer short protection, and overpuffing protection. With these important features implemented into this product, users can feel safe every time they use this product.


The Tesla Two Sub Mod comes in two unique packaging designs. The starter kit has two edition:Tornado edition,Vortek edition.And the starter kit package has two drawer compartments containing the mod, along with all of the extra parts. The body package simply includes the mod, along with a vertical stand to display the device.